Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For too long, men have been relegated to wearing speedos or shorts whilst they swim, and I think that this overt prejudice against male nipple coverage needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. It is just as important for men to wear one piece bathing suits as it is for women. Does anyone stop to think about the poor women swimmers whose loins burst into flames when they are confronted with the site of a blatantly topless male swimming in the pool? No. No they don't.

Therefore, as long as women are compelled by convention or decency laws, to wear bathing suits which are either one piece or which otherwise cover their chests, men should do the same. You know, in the name of modesty and whatnot.

Frills and Fun

One piece bathing suits are actually rather a lot of fun. Some come adorned with various frills, which accentuate parts of the body, take those bathing suits for instance, which have a cute little frill over the behind. This can be considered a means to making the waist look small or the butt look big, either way its a great deal more fun that a unitard style piece of fabric wrapped around your wet frame.

Other bathing suits have ruching about the place to create lines which flatter the form. Being male you may be blessed with a more swim suit worthy frame than some women who fight cellulite and unseemly bulges, but If you're looking for a swimsuit that looks good on a larger frame, try control swimsuits, these are suits which feature similar technology to SPANX panties and other such garments, and are remarkably effective at reigning in an out of control gut.

So Many Swimsuits, So Little Time

One piece swimsuits come in a wide range of cuts, colors and styles, which means that you can have a different and pretty swimsuit every day of the summer if you so desired. Floral prints are in this year, as is the hacking of most of the fabric, leaving large holes in the front, back and sides of the swimsuit, where flesh can alluringly show through. These types of swimsuits are commonly referred to as “Monokinis”, because although they are one piece swimsuits, they really might as well not be.

Modesty and Decency in a One-Piece

If you want to slip into the world of the one piece, but don't want to appear to be immodest, it's always possible to team up a one piece swimsuit with a pair of board shorts or something like that. Doing so ensures that your man parts are not immodestly on display, and you get to enjoy the tight feel of wet Lycra sliding over your torso, just like the ladies do.

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